Tuesday, 14 August 2012

New Cheeky 'Summer' Image Plates Pre-Sale!

I've been waiting for these plates to be released for what seems like ages now so when I woke up this morning and saw on Cheeky's Facebook page that they were on pre-sale with free international shipping I had to order right away.

The set I am most excited about are the new Summer plates, 26 image plates with 161 new designs.

This time around Cheeky have decide to package their plates a little differently, they come in a cute little box for storing your plates and you also get a bonus 'manicurist's business card' which double as an emergency scraper.

 The new packaging is nice but I would have been just as happy to have them come in the old packaging which was just little plastic bags.

There have been quite a few comments on various nail sites about the price of these plates and how they are very expensive, I'm not too sure where these people are living because it certainly isn't the UK where a single Konad image plate costs £5!  The Summer collection is $24.99 which works out at about £16 which I think is a great price for 26 image plates, especially when they are currently available with free international shipping meaning the $24.99 is all you pay.

Since there was free shipping and I've heard nothing but good things about Cheeky's plates I decide to also order the first set they do too, 2012 Collection.  Another 26 plates with 160 designs.

As the new collection is still only on pre-sale at the moment Cheeky are estimating 10-20 days before the plates are delivered from China, now all I need is another 14 pairs of hands to try all the designs out on and the patience to last the next 3 weeks!

Expect more information and manicures as soon as these beauties arrive.

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