Monday, 20 August 2012

Unsuccesful Stamping

It's not really the stamping which is unsuccessful, I just don't really think any of this manicure works particularly well. 

I wanted to use Models Own Indian Ocean and previously I had layered it over a light blue which turned out beautifully, so I decided to do something similar and use another Kiko polish, this time 340.  However the end result was a very bright, in your face sort of colour which seemed very 80s to me somehow and not half as pretty as the last attempt.

I decided to try stamping over the top and chose QA28, which is a plate featuring lips and moustaches.  I thought the lips might look good as an all over pattern and used Barry M Chameleon polish, in pink, to stamp with.  As an aside, the Chameleon polishes are amazing to stamp with, some of the best I have used, they go on so opaque!

Unfortunately the result of the stamping wasn't really what I hoped for either, it's hard to tell what the stamp is and the shimmer from the base colour shines through a bit too much making it seem even more blurry.

So, overall, I'm not really happy with this manicure at all.  It'll be coming off tonight hopefully to be replaced by my new bottle of OPI Black Spotted which just arrived in the post today!


  1. I quite like the blue, the shimmer is so pretty! It looks lovely on the 2nd/3rd pictures.

    That's good about the Barry M for the stamping though, I might get some of that.

  2. You definitely should, I'm not sure why but the colour change doesn't seem to happen when you apply the top coat either, which I am actually happy about as I like the pink colour better than the purple it changes to. :)