Friday, 24 August 2012

Louboutin Nails

Last night I decided to try an idea I'd seen online a while back, ever since Adele wore this style of manicure at the Grammy Awards there have been pictures popping up everywhere and the black and red combination is a good match for an outfit I am planning on wearing on Saturday night, so while my nails are long enough to try it I decided to give it a go.
Unfortunately the pictures are rubbish, but they give you a rough idea.
It's a very easy look to create, all you have to do is paint the underside of your nail tips red, like the soles of the famous shoes.  It remains to be seen how easy it is to get the red polish off the underside of my nails but I'm just not thinking about that for now.
The actual nails are just painted with plain black polish.
Clean up is a little tricky, I am hoping that what didn't come off with acetone and a bit of persuasion last night will come away after a bath this evening to soften up the little pieces that are still clinging to my finger tips.  Thankfully, in person, this manicure doesn't look quite so messy as the macro shots suggest.

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