Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Nails Inc - Warwick Way

I cannot find or take a true to colour photo of this polish anywhere, this is the bottle shot:

And these are my pictures:

In reality it has a more bright green lean to it rather than a basic teal which shows in all the shots here.  It's beautifully rich in tone and very glossy.  It applied nicely, this is 3 coats as it's quite a sheer polish, so now all that remains is to see how well it lasts.  I'm generally not a big fan of Nails Inc polishes as I find them quite gloopy and hard to apply and they chip really badly on me.  I'll probably stamp over this as it's a bit too plain for my liking at the moment.

I think I'll also need to chop my talons soon as they are getting a bit too long, I'm finding it hard to type without them feeling a bit tender and they've started to warp into their squint leaning shapes that they get when they are longer and curl at the edges.  Annoying, since I was going to see how long I could get them without a break but in reality I think they'll annoy me too much well before I snap one off.


Squinty, side leaning middle finger:


  1. I like that colour. I've just had a chop so you should probably chop yours too so our hands are the same again ;-)

    1. That's the decision made then, hand twin. :)