Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Color Club @ TK Maxx

I've seen a few mentions on various blogs recently that TK Maxx has had some pretty decent nail polish stock in of late, so I decided to go and check it out.  Low and behold the rumours were true, there was a load of polish; Essie, Models Own, Color Club, Bella Pierre, Nails Inc and several other brands which I'd never heard of, all at pretty good prices. 
Nothing really grabbed me except this one set from Color Club, I remember when it was released lamenting the fact we couldn't easily get it in the UK so I was pretty chuffed when I got my eye on it today.  Here is a promo shot I found online, Alter Ego - Keep it under cover:
Notice a slight difference with the one I picked up today (£7.99, bargain!), no V!vid topcoat in my set instead there was a random green metallic...
The list on the back suggests I should have had a V!vid topcoat so I'm not sure what happened, one of the joys of a store like TK Maxx, I guess.
So, here are the polishes that are part of the Alter Ego, Keep it under cover set:
I took an individual bottle shot of each to try and show off the colour a little better.
914 - Masquerading
 912 - Alias
 913 - Ulterior Motive
 911 - Total Mystery
 910 - Secret Agent
 909 - Alter Ego
And my bonus / odd addition which after a little research seems to be Perfect Mol-Ten from the Foiled Collection, out around the same time.
I'd like to have tried the V!vid topcoat but I'm not too disappointed as it seems like Perfect Mol-ten might stamp quite well so that would be a nice little perk as I don't have a green stamping polish.
I'm looking forward to trying these out, some of them seem a little sheer so I think they might work better as topcoats and layering polishes but all in all for under £8 I'm a pretty happy bunny as there are some really lovely, shimmery shades to try out.
Have you had any TK Maxx bargains or good finds recently?


  1. Man, I love TKMaxx for their polish packets. I think the CC ones can be a bit hit and miss, they seem to just bung the polish into any packaging as long as its full. Around Easter they had some lovely Barielle sets and a couple of weeks ago I got some of the Take Flight Collection, just the four I wanted, in a nice four pack collection. Perfect!

    1. I've seen Barielle in the store close to me too, nothing very exciting this time but it's obviously worth keeping an eye out!

  2. Great find! I find that in my T K Maxx people are always swapping around the contents to get the things they want, but that green seems better anyway!

    1. I think that's probably what's happened, I'm quite happy, the green looks like it'll stamp and I was half looking for a green stamping polish anyway. :D