Thursday, 16 August 2012


I've been after one, or two, or indeed all of the Korres EDT for a while now but was unsure which to choose as almost every one I had tried in store was really nice.  My local stockist had been out of testers for months now so I've been holding off buying one scent in case I decided it wasn't my favourite when I did get the chance to try them again.

Generally they retail for around £27 per 50ml bottle but recently Brand Alley (an online discount shopping outlet) had a selection of Korres products available at really good, discounted prices.  The EDTs were £17.50 each and I had a £10 voucher to use up so I decided now was the time to grab the scents I wanted most.

Here's what I ordered:

The packaging is gorgeous, I'd never seen a box opened before but when I received my order I discovered the whole box unfolds and is printed with details of the Korres brand and details of the individual scent notes which I thought was a nice touch.  It's good quality packaging which feels expensive.  The bottles are a nice chunky, solid shape and clearly labelled.

Now, on to the scents!  The first Vanilla, Freesia, Lychee is lovely; it's a sweet, sugary, floral scent which is an almost exact copy of Flowerbomb.  Possibly not to everyone's taste as it is very sweet and quite strong but being a Flowerbomb fan I love it, it last for a good long while and doesn't wear off after a few hours as some scents do on me.

Next, Paeonia, Vanilla, Amber Pear; this one is light, floral and fruity.  It's a gorgeous soft scent perfect for every day and also last rather well.  It's a great daytime scent, not too overpowering but still strong enough to notice and delicious smelling.

Finally, Pepper, Jasmine, Gaiac Wood; this one is a far more masculine scent but I still love it.  It reminds me hugely of a far more expensive Tom Ford scent which I have been lusting after, Tobacco Vanille, which at £135 for 50ml is a touch out of my price range. 

This EDT is a warm, woodsy scent with a hint of spice.  It would definitely be wearable for men, and initially my intention was to give it to my partner, but on receiving it I don't think I can part with it so we'll have to share.

Overall I am very pleased with my purchases and even more pleased with myself for holding out until a good deal came up, generally I rush out and buy anything I want immediately but in this instance holding off clearly paid off!

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