Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mesh Stamping

This was not the look I was going for when I started stamping last night but thankfully I'm still quite pleased with the end results.  Initially I was trying to do a sort of whimsical, girly stamping manicure using a butterfly image from BM 307.  
I used Barry M Lilac Foil Effect polish to stamp with but for some reason it just wouldn't show up nicely on the base colour, so, rather than remove the whole lot and start again, I stuck the very faint lilac butterflies underneath a nice opaque silver mesh done using BM 209 and Silver Foil Effects, another Barry M favourite. 
 You can just about see the faint butterfly image if you squint a bit.

Here are the plates I used, apologies for the rotten photos, I took them more as a reminder for myself than to post here but then decided I should include them for reference.

It's definitely about time for a trim, I'm struggling to get images to cover the full length of my nail and I am definitely not neat enough to be able to double stamp and match up the images so the only answer is a good severe trim, I think!

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