Monday, 30 April 2012

17 Berry Crush in Bombshell

I have a bit of an obsession with lip stains, in particular the pen forms that are popping up everywhere at the moment, so I decided to try one of the new 17 ones to compare to the others I have.
I chose Bombshell, a soft pink shade:


On first sight it seems very similar to most of the others available, and pretty much a straight copy of Revlon's Just Bitten stains as it also contains a balm at one end to apply after you've used the pen end to apply the stain.

After trying out the lip stain though I think I prefer it to a lot of the others I have tried, partly because of the gorgeous wearable colour which is an almost Barbie pink on the lips, bright and pretty without being too in your face, but also because it seems to last really well and the lip balm on the end is actually quite nice and wearable unlike some that I've tried.

I'm definitely tempted to try out another shade from this collection as so far Bombshell is one of my favourite lip stain shades.  Unlike some of the darker colours which seem a bit too bold for daytime wear this one is lovely for every day and very easy to wear.

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