Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kiko 339 & Sally Hansen Fire Opal

This is one of my favourite Kiko polishes (although I probably have about 20 'favourites'), number 339 Cornflower Blue.  It really is the perfect cornflower blue, although my pictures don't really show it as such.

This is a bit closer to the actual shade but an awfully dark photo.

Although I love this shade on it's own I put it on to try out a new polish I have recently acquired, Sally Hansen Nail Prism in Fire Opal, although the polish is a pinky colour in the bottle it's shot through with turquoise / baby blue duochrome that I thought would look amazing over 339.

So I added one coat over the top, turning the cornflower cream finish into a lilac tinged blue / pink duochrome.  I love it!  It's another that is nearly impossible to photograph so there are loads of pictures here to try and catch the beautiful colour and the shifting shades of the duochrome.

This shot shows how much space I leave at the edges of my nails when I paint them, it's not so obvious in person, I promise!!

I adore this polish and can't wait to try it out over some other colours, weirdly I am thinking a dull army green might look amazing with the blue / pink duochrome over it so I think that will be the next experiment.  I am so pleased I managed to find this hard to find polish, it's definitely a winner!

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