Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Miss Sporty - Dr Balm - Gossip Kiss 03

I picked this up in Boots today to try, it's a lightly tinted watermelon flavoured lip balm.  It looks similar to a lot of the translucent bullet style balms and treatments that are being talked about at the moment, Maybelline Color Sensational Pop Sticks being one of them, so I decided to give this budget (£1.99) version a go and see if I could rid myself of the need for a more expensive version.

It is quite highly scented but it's a pleasant enough, fruity, sweet smell so I quite like it.  On the lips it leaves a very subtle hint of colour which is nice but not very obvious.  It seems moisturising enough although not fantastically so, I would definitely stick to my trusty Carmex or Blistex for proper dry lip days.  All in all for only £1.99 it's a nice little tinted lip balm, but I'm not sure it's nice enough to bother trying the other colours in the range.

This is 03 - Gossip Kiss, there were two other lighter colours in Boots today and I think there might be another couple in the range although I haven't seen them in person yet.

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