Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Miss Sporty - Dr Balm - Heartbreaker Kiss 04 & Honey Moon Kiss 05

I previous posted about trying Gossip Kiss 03 from this range and while I was in Superdrug today I noticed two more, darker, shades which I thought looked interesting.

Honey Moon Kiss is a berry shade and Heartbreaker Kiss is a red, both are very sheer and only leave a hint of colour on the lips but like Gossip Kiss they're a nice texture and have a pleasant, sweet sort of watermelon-y smell.

They are not very different when swatched, or even on the lips but there is a subtle difference in the tint.  Overall I am pretty pleased with these, I have been using 03 quite a lot when I don't want to wear any lip colour at all and the additional two I purchased today will give me a little more variety on non-lip colour days.

They're handy to chuck in my handbag too for days when I don't know what sort of make up I'll be wearing but want to have something to stick on my lips.

There are two further, lighter, shades in the range but they didn't appeal to me quite so much, although given my love for completing collections I may end up with them at some point.

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