Monday, 9 April 2012

Mia Secret Nail Tints

I first became aware of these Mia Secret nail tints when a photograph of them being worn popped up on Google, which led me to this blog - Another bottle of polish!?

After seeing the effects created with them I decided I had to try and hunt them down. I eventually found them for sale on City Nails Supplies so I decided to order one of each to try them out. My order arrived pretty quickly considering it was coming from America and was really well wrapped, so I will definitely be using hem again for some US polish purchases.

The nail tints are made to be worn either alone to leave a light tint on your nail or can be used over polish to give your original polish colour different tints, that's how I am planning on using them, they look particularly good over silver glitter from what I can tell from online photos. Here are some quick bottle shots:

And a couple of swatches on my nails, over a pale gold shade:

I definitely think these will come into their own over patterned nails and different colours of varnish, as seen in the pictures on the blog I linked to above, alone they don't look very impressive but I am looking forward to trying them out as they obviously have a lot of potential.

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