Sunday, 15 April 2012

Hundreds & Thousands of fish eggs

Here is my attempt at a manicure using fish eggs / nail art beads.  I quite like how it looks, although it's definitely more Hundreds & Thousands than fish eggs due to the colours

I found this manicure really simple to do, just paint a layer of polish on and then press on some of the little beads I bought from eBay - details in this post

Then wait for the beads to dry and you're all done.

Which is fine, until you try and do anything, the minute I moved around or used my hands at all the little beads started to escape.

Which is a shame becasue while they lasted they were really quite cute and unusual!

I'd definitely consider doing this type of manicure again for a night out or a special event, although I'd be prepared for losing balls everywhere over the course of the night.

But unfortunately for every day wear, where you might want to do things like wash your hands, it just wasn't practical.

Particularly for someone who is as picky as I am, an hour of watching TV and I had pretty much removed 50% of the beads without even trying to, another 5 minutes of trying and they were all gone.  Which left my nails looking like this:

So, a cute idea and something I would consider doing for a party maybe but just not wearable for me on a practical level.

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