Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Models Own - HyperGel - White Light

The final HyperGel swatch today!  This time White Light which is the white polish of the collection.  Again I like the look of this polish, it's opaque and shiny and looks good on the nail.
The downside is that it took 3 coats to get this way and you can get a shiny opaque white look with almost any white polish after 3 coats so this is definitely not the one coat wonder I was hoping for.
Initially when I read the descriptions of these polishes I was hoping for a super opaque non streaky white in two, or maybe even one, coat.  Sadly although the effect is there you do need to layer to get it which could be a pain if you don't have the time or patience to wait for 3 coats to dry.

I'll definitely use this polish as it's a decent, bright white, but I wouldn't be telling anyone to rush out and buy it as I don't think it's that much better than many other on the market aside from maybe being a little bit more shiny on the nail which isn't a major decider for me as white tends to be a base for something else like stamping or neon polishes.


  1. Three coats to get the brilliant whiteness?! I am just too impatient to be putting up with that... :S

    1. I agree, you can get really good coverage from Sinful's white in two coats and it dries faster.

  2. It looks good and super bright which is great, not sure I would choose it over others though if it takes 3 coats :/