Friday, 7 February 2014

Models Own - HyperGel - Cerise Shine

I've posted about the Models Own HyperGel Collection a couple of times now and I decided it was about time to properly road test one of the polishes, on it's own, as a full manicure.  I was torn about what shade to try first but in the end Cerise Shine, a bright, glossy, hot pink won and here it is:
First off, this is a gorgeous colour.  A really bright, bold in your face cerise pink.  There's a definite hint of Barbie about it.  These pictures are two, fairly thick, coats.

The polish applies pretty nicely, it's thick and one coat can look a little streaky so it really needs the second one to even it out.  Saying that once the two coats are on and dry they do look great, rich colour, totally opaque and super shiny.  I still used a top coat on mine, old habits die hard, but if you didn't want to then the polish does dry to a lovely shine on it's own.

I'm pretty impressed with this polish, it's not exactly how I expected it to be from the description but it does live up to it's gel-alike claims.  Once it's on it looks thicker and shinier than a regular polish which does give it a gel nail sort of look. 
I can't comment on wear time as I whipped this manicure off to try another colour after a little more than 24 hours but while it was on it looked great.

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