Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Models Own - HyperGel - Red Lustre

Red Lustre from the HyperGel collection today, this polishes formula seems to be the odd one out in the collection, it's nothing like the others AT ALL.  Instead of the thick very opaque shades of the rest of the colours it's a thinner almost gelly like polish, because of this I needed three - still pretty thick but not opaque - coats to cover up the blue staining left from a previous trial of this collection (watch those blues and turquoises, people!)

While this is a nice, shiny, red gelly I can't bring myself to love it, I have plenty of other nice reds and nice red gellys and pretty much all of them apply nicer and dry faster than this one.

If you're short of a red polish then this isn't the worst you could buy but it's also not a polish formula to rave about when there are so many other reds on the market that do a better job.

It's strange that the formula is so different for this one polish in the collection, if it was similar to the rest of the collection I think I might have liked it better.


  1. It really does shine in these photographs, but I'll probably give it a miss if it's slow drying - I am rather impatient when it comes to drying nail polishes! :S

    1. I think there are other similar shades that look as shiny and don't take so many coats, it might have been ok to dry with a couple but three is definitely not a quick manicure!

  2. I think it looks gorgeous, I love shiny nails! My favourite red nail polish would have to be by Nails Inc I think :)