Friday, 21 February 2014

Models Own - HyperGel - Cornflower Gleam

Models Own HyperGel in Cornflower Gleam today.  This polish reminds me of Kiko 339 or Barry M Blueberry from the Gelly collection colour wise, it's the same sort of pale sky blue / cornflower shade, not anything new or different but pretty.
Again the formula is very opaque after two (thick) coats, this shade in the collection seemed a little less streaky than some of the others but still needed two coats to even out fully.

It's another nice polish, with a good finish but again it isn't anything amazing that I think you would need to own, if you are without a cornflower blue in your collection then you could definitely do worse than buy this one but if you already have a few it's not special enough to bother.

You may also have noticed the sudden change in nail length, my index finger went horribly peely and split on me so I chopped them all down to match which I am a little annoyed about as I'd like to have tried this colour on longer nails.  On the plus side there's less horrendous staining to worry about on my newly chopped nails. :D

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