Thursday, 13 February 2014

Models Own - HyperGel - Blue Glint

Continuing the HyperGel swatches today with Blue Glint.
Blue Glint is a bright, bold blue which will be perfect for summer or holidays.  It dries to a super glossy finish which really adds to the colour.

This colour is almost opaque in one coat but still really needs the second to even it out and make it look perfect, it's wearable without a top coat but I still prefer to add one for quicker drying.

A quick word of warning about this polish, I had it on for around 24 hours and it stained VERY badly, properly blue nails underneath when I took it off.  I noticed a little bit of staining with the Turquoise when I had it on but nothing too major, this blue however really left it's mark so keep that in mind if you don't want your nails dyed!


  1. Gorgeous colour, shame about the smurf nail! - I haven't tried any of the hyper-gels yet

    1. There are some nice colours but the staining is a pain and the wear time doesn't seem too great either. I do love the way they look though. I can't quite decide if I like them or not yet.