Saturday, 3 August 2013

Skinfood - Good Afternoon Rose Lemon Tea BB Cream

I've already blogged about two of the BB creams from this collection Peach Green Tea and Honey Black Tea, there's a shade comparison in the Honey Black Tea post too if you want to compare shade 1 and shade 2.
The third and final BB cream from the collection I have to post about is Rose Lemon Tea, I purchased this one in shade 1, the lighter of the two shades as that's what I use most.
Again, the packaging is lovey and feels very high quality and luxurious.  The scent of this one is quite like you might expect, a mix of citrus and florals, I'm not sure I would have pinned down lemon and rose without having known what I was smelling first but it's very pleasant none the less.

Here's what Skinfood say about this BB cream on the packaging:

I'm not quite sure what 'fitting' is when it comes to skin care but hydrating I can just about understand. ;)  I wasn't sure about the water drops but when you apply the cream you definitely notice them!  The consistency of the BB cream as it comes out of the tube seems like the other two but as you begin to blend it onto your skin it seems to almost split and become very watery.
At first I wasn't sure about it as it definitely feels a little odd and different to all the other BB creams I have tried but actually it applies beautifully and smooths easily over you skin to give a good even coverage.  It's slightly lighter in coverage than the other two in the range but despite this it left my skin looking great; really well moisturised, smooth and even in tone.  For such a light feeling product I was pretty amazed at how well it covered.
As for the 'bright morning skin' I would say it delivers, my skin looked really good with this one on - so much so I am tempted to go and order the darker shade so I can take it on holiday with me!
In general I am really impressed with this range, 2 out of three I really like and the third (peach green tea) I think will grow on me as my skin lightens up over the autumn and winter.
I got mine from sing-sing-girl and iamlove-shop on eBay for between £5-5.50 each which having tried them I think is a really good deal!  So if you fancy trying out a new BB cream I'd definitely recommend picking one of these up.

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