Monday, 19 August 2013

Nelly Polish - Beeny

Yesterday's post about Nelly Polish included some back ground information and pictures of Looe, today I have another polish from The Fungooms range to show you, this time Beeny.  Beeny is a pale dusky blue shade packed with large and small orange glitter pieces.

Beeny came ready made so there was no mixing or clear varnish required, I just had to apply the polish.  I decided to try it without a base coat to see how opaque it was, these pictures show 4 coats and I would say it's pretty much opaque at that. 

You could certainly use a base colour to lessen the number of coats required but then you wouldn't get the lovely 3D layered aspect of the glitters that you do with more coats.

As with Looe, Benny applied really nicely, it goes on smoothly and dries fairly fast.  It dries to a slightly matte finish but a quick coat of top coat brings it up to the shiny finish you see in the photos.

I love the colour combination, the pale grey blue is beautifully complimented by the orange glitter with just enough sparkle and glitter to make it interesting without being a total in your face glitter.

The glitter lies beautifully flat and it's easy to get an even finish, even with 4 coats it didn't get clumpy or drag as I applied it.

 Yet again I am very impressed with Nelly Polish, although I didn't get to do the cool mixing part with this colour (some may says it's just more work but personally I loved it!) it applied beautifully, looked great and the quality of the varnish really impressed me.
Beeny, and Looe and the rest of the collection, can be bought (in it's three forms) on Etsy or the Nelly Polish website. Sachets (Nelly Mixture!) are £4, dried polish in a bottle to mix yourself (this is how I got Looe) is £5 and a bottle of pre-mixed polish is £6.50 (the pre-mixed polish is for UK delivery only). Go and check them out!

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