Friday, 2 August 2013

Orly - Galaxy Girl

I decided to revisit an older polish today, Galaxy Girl is from the Orly Cosmic FX collection and was one of the first polishes I actually sought out online (after seeing it on a load of American blogs and reading about it on MUA) rather than just buying randomly.  I think it was also one of the first proper duochrome polishes I became aware of.
The collection was released in the summer of 2010, so 3 years ago now!  It's strange to think I have been obsessing about my nails and tracking down polishes for so long already. :D
Galaxy Girl is a deep wine shade which colour shifts through red tones to a blue / purple colour, there's even a bit of turquoise in there if you catch it at the right angle.
It reminds me a bit of Urban Decay's Bruise - although the Orly is a little more textured and grainy looking, it's a similar colours and colour shift though.  These pictures are three coats of polish.

It's a very pretty polish and the sort of thing that is ideal for people wanting something a little different to a flat colour without having to go all out; a sort of grown up, ladylike version of a nail effect or duochrome.

Putting it on again has reminded me of the other polishes from the collection so I might have to drag them out to try soon too.

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