Monday, 5 August 2013

Easy Nails - Fast & Fruity Nail Polish Remover

I posted about a year ago about these remover pots after only trying them out a few times and mentioned that I couldn't get my hands on them easily as we didn't have many Home Bargains store, and certainly none I could get to. 
Since then I have used the ones I had loads and been keen to track more down before my supply ran out.  Luckily I've also acquired the use of a car in that time meaning that Home Bargains is now within reach, so a few days ago I headed over to see if they still stocked the little pots of wonder...
They do!  So I cleared them out of their current stock meaning I shouldn't have to make the journey back in again for quite a while.
I'm not sure what they put in this little pot because for an acetone free remover it really does the job well!  Not only do they remove regular nail varnish super fast I also find them great for glitter polishes, which are notoriously hard to remove. 
I'm not sure whether it's the solution in the pot, the sponge or the combination of both but they work incredibly well, as well as being really handy to transport if you're going away somewhere or want to keep a remover in your handbag or desk drawer (no, just me who does that?).
Another benefit is that they smell pretty good too, there's no horrendously strong chemically smell just a sort of synthetic fruit fragrance which I find quite pleasant and they seem to be kind to my nails too, they never look dry or flaky after using this remover despite how quickly it removes my polish.
So, all in, for only 85p each, I LOVE these little pots of wonder, if you're in the market for a new remover or want something to rival the hideously expensive Bourjois version of a remover pot then look no further, Home Bargains might have a store near you!


  1. Hmmm...I'll keep an eye out for these!

  2. Gonna have to take a peek in my local Home Bargains for these :D