Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Skinfood - Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB Cream

Last week I posted about Peach Green Tea, today I have another from Skinfood's Good Afternoon range of BB creams to show you, this time Honey Black Tea.
It comes in the same kind of cute paper box packaging and has a similarly luxury feel to it, the tube feels sturdy and well made and the design on the bottle and box is very pretty.
Here's what Skinfood has to say about Honey Black Tea:

I have to say so far I am loving this BB cream, I ordered it in the darker of the two shade - comparisons coming up - and it suits my lightly tanned skin perfectly.  The coverage is great, with very little product it leaves my skin looking more even and smooth and there is definitely an illuminating quality about the cream too, my skin looks very fresh when I'm wearing it.
It applies beautifully, spreading over the skin really smoothly and blending well.
It smells good too, much more true to it's name than the previous peach version which just smelt faintly fruity, the honey version smells clearly of honey, very sweet!  It's not an overpowering scent and it fades quickly once it's applied but as you are putting it on there is a definite hint of honey.
On to the shades, I chose to order this one in the darker shade so I could wear it while I have a bit of colour and also take it on holiday later this month and I'm pretty sure it'll be perfect for both occasions, although it's darker than shade one it isn't at all orange and it would still be suitable for a lot of people's winter skin tones with no tan at all.

As you can see, once the two products are blended in there isn't a huge difference in the shades, number 2 is just a little bit darker, so probably not ideal if you do have dark toned skin normally but great if like me you never go any darker than a pale biscuit colour.  :)
They both have a lovely texture to them, thick and creamy without being too thick to easily apply.
I'm really pleased with this BB cream so far, it does pretty much everything I am looking for in a BB cream; hides small blemishes, evens out skin tone and give my skin a lovely fresh glowing look to it so I'm looking forward to continuing to use it while the Scottish summer lasts.
You can read about my third purchase from this range in THIS POST.

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