Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Island Girl - Neon Pink Colour Change Nail Polish

On the train the other day I saw a lady with bright neon pink nails which put me in the mood to do a similar colour on my own nails that night.  My brother brought me this polish back from Las Vegas a while ago and it seemed like the ideal colour.
This is two coats over a white base to really make the colour pop.  The formula isn't great, hence the annoying streaks, but I do love the vivid neon colour.  The polish dried to a rubbery matte finish so I added top coat to give it a glossy shine.

The polish is supposed to be colour changing but to be honest it's hard to tell, it doesn't help that the colour changes from pink to very slightly darker pink so not really that much of a difference.  I could see a vague colour shift at my tips in very warm / cold environments but not enough to get a picture of, which is fine since I wore this one for the colour rather than colour changing effect.

Although I love the colour of this polish Barry M's LE Summer neon pink is pretty similar and applied much more nicely so if you're looking for a neon pink I'd probably try and grab that one rather than track the Island Girl one down.

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