Monday, 12 August 2013

The Body Shop - Beautifying Oil

The Body Shop online recently had a flash sale on which gave you 40% off and free delivery on orders over £5, so I decided to take the opportunity to try out a couple of the beautifying oils that they do.  Here's what The Body Shop have to say about them:
For a shimmering finish, try our Beautifying Oils on your face and body or soften your hair with a few drops.  The Body Shop’s Beautifying body Oil is made of a lightweight blend of nut oils including our Community Fair Trade marula oil, which quickly absorbs your skin leaving it freshly hydrated

I chose two, coconut and chocomania, mostly based on the fact I knew they smelled amazing after trying them in store.
They both smell wonderful, coconut reminds me of holidays and sun tan lotion and it'll definitely be coming in my bag with me when I go away later in the month.  Chocomania smells, as you may have guessed, like chocolate, it really does leave your skin smelling good enough to eat!
Here's a little video from The Body Shop with suggested uses:
I mainly plan to use mine as a moisturiser for my body but I also like the idea of trying it on my hair and as a shaving oil, it looks like there are loads of different ways to use it so I'm looking forward to giving some of them a go.
Have you tried any of the beautifying oils, which scents are your favourite?


  1. I might have to buy this, I have a body shop loyalty card it's £6 or £10 to buy, but then you get 10% off of your stuff for a year and a free birthday gift, it might be longer than a year actually.
    I really love their massage oils as well! x

    1. I am always tempted but then I convince myself I never spend enough to justify the money for the loyalty card! :D