Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Passion Fruit

This is the colour I meant to try when I have my Mango repeat the other day, another of the new-ish summer Gelly Hi Shine polishes from Barry M.
As with all the Gelly Hi Shines, the polish applies beautifully and covers well in two coats.

Passion Fruit is a weird colour, sometimes it looks like a reddish orange, sometimes it looks like a pink and sometimes it looks like a pinkish red.  Other times I think there's a look of a very dark coral in there too.  Regardless it's a great colour; bright, vivid and very summer appropriate.

It's a little different from your standard red or pink but without being too out there so I could see it being popular with people who generally have more conservative nail colour preferences but want to try something a little different from standard.

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