Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Models Own Nude Beige

I'm in a nude mood at the moment, as you'll see from the next couple of manicures.  I love a good nude nail colour from pale creamy white right through to an almost brown beige.  Today's nail colour is an golden oldie in terms of my collection, Models Own Nude Beige.  Nude Beige was one of the first nude polishes I bought and I still love it now, several years later.
First up, let's all ignore the weird chip on my middle finger, I have no idea how or when it happened so we'll just pretend we can't see it, shall we?
The polish is a lovely beige-y nude shade, as the name suggests.  For me it's just dark enough that it doesn't look totally like my skin tone but it's still super subtle.

I think nude polishes give a lovely polished look, I think it's probably what I would wear for a job interview as I always feel rather grown up and sophisticated in them.

These pictures are two coats.

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  1. That Colour is sooo nice, something like this always makes for a sophisticated look (something I don't always achieve).
    As for the middle finger - sods law!