Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Highlighter Green

Can you spot a theme here?  I decided to try out another of the Barry M LE Summer Neon collection, this time the green from Superdrug.

This one was VERY sheer, these pictures are two coats over a white base and they look pretty patchy, I even went over a few with a thicker coat the second time around but they could still really do with a third to make them properly opaque and even all over.

The colour is nice; bright and zingy with a definite hint of neon but it doesn't quite have the lurid, garish hue (I mean this in a good way ;)) of the yellow and darker pink I've posted recently.  It's more on a par with the lighter pink I used as an accent nail, bright but not full in your face neon.

I'm tempted to try adding another couple of coats over this before I take it off, just to see if it gets more even and bright then, but chances are something else will take my fancy before I bother.

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