Friday, 5 July 2013

Quick Crochet

I bought a new Hol box from Ikea the other day which I want to use as storage for all my crochet yarn.  Since it's pretty sturdy when it's assembled I decided to buy a cushion for the top of it so it could also act as a spare place to sit when we had guests round, of course, a cushion needs a cover so I decided to use my scrap granny squares to fashion a temporary cover for it.

One side is made up of little granny squares I crocheted using scraps which were then joined together using the join as you go method - to see if I could get the hang of it.

The other side is made up of a larger square which is also made from scraps, I half had the idea in my head to keep adding to it whenever I had a spare piece of yarn which was too small for anything else but when I realised it was almost the perfect size to be the other side of my cushion cover I decided it would be better to use it for that.
It's very scrappy looking and doesn't really match but until I make something a bit more carefully planned out I think it does the job rather well.

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