Monday, 22 July 2013

Dainty Doll Cream Blushers - Update

I posted about these cream blushers previously HERE but I thought I should do an update post since I have been using them for a while now and loving them.
They are by far the best cream blushers I have tried; the formula, colour and wear time are all excellent.  There are three shades
My favourite by far is Orange County Girl, it's absolutely beautiful on the skin, a soft shimmery peach which looks very natural but also leaves a lovely flush on your skin.  I have been wearing it LOADS.  It's shimmery without being too over the top and the soft peach shade is just gorgeous.
Paper Roses is a soft pink, it's the perfect no blusher blusher, by which I mean I apply it when I don't want to have an obvious blusher on, it adds a soft flush to my cheeks which looks natural and healthy without looking like I am wearing anything.
Billion Dollar Babies is the one which I have used least, it's more of a bronzer type shade which isn't something I have ever used much, it's an ideal introduction to bronzer though, great for paler skin tones and not at all orange.
By far the most impressive thing about these blushers is how well they suit my pale skin tone, I often find blusher can have a bit of a clown like effect on my pale skin and so although I often buy brighter shades I struggle to know quite how to wear them, these blushers are the exact opposite, they are so easy to throw on and every colour looks natural and lovely on my skin.

Application is great too, the formula is so smooth and soft and seems to blend from a cream into a more powdery finish as you blend it onto your skin, they couldn't be simpler to apply and I just use my fingers to throw them on, no need to worry about blending brushes or the like.  They last well too, even after a full 8 hour day at work I can still see the colour on my cheeks which is a massive improvement from a lot of other cream blushers I have tried.
So, in short, I LOVE these, if you can possibly get your hands on one or more then I definitely recommend you do!  They seem to be sold out on Fragrance Direct where I bought them but a bit of searching shows they are still available elsewhere online.  I highly recommend checking them out if you are pale skinned and unsure about cream blushers, they will most probably change your mind.


  1. I heard yesterday the some people are finding dainty doll (and OPI!?!) in Poundland......

    1. If I see the cream blushers in there I am definitely stocking up!

  2. Interesting! I'm quite tempted to try these as they're formulated for ghostly people like me :-)

    Is the line discontinued though? I've seen various bits and bobs discounted here and there.


    1. I think it probably is, there's no other good reason for what were £14 blushers to be selling for £2 and £3. If you see some then definitely grab them, they are great for plaer skin.