Thursday, 27 June 2013

Kiko Mirror Nail Lacquer 621 & 622

I couldn't resist picking up a few more of Kiko's Mirror Nail Lacquer when I was away recently because they are so perfect for stamping, this manicure shows exactly why.

This manicure uses two colours swirled together on the plate to give a sort of duochrome stamped effect which I was pretty pleased with.  I stamped over yesterday's Guava by Barry M.

The polishes are so easy to work with when stamping and they transfer onto the nail in totally opaque layers which makes them perfect for stamping manicures.
It's quite difficult to see the two colours / duochrome effect in full light but it's a bit easier to see it in the dull lighting in the photo below.

Here's a quick bottle shot to show the two colours on their own.


  1. What a fab idea, I never thought of swirling polish on a stamping plate! What is the base colour? I couldn't decide if it was grey or blue.

    1. It's the Barry M Guava that I had on the day before, I should really have mentioned that!