Sunday, 23 June 2013

Crochet Progress

Progress on my giant blanket is slow, mostly because it takes an age to do even one row it's so big!  I'm up to 28 rows now so I've started using the colours for a second time, I'm struggling with being random, I can't quite bring myself to just pull a ball of yarn out of the bag and use it so some thought is going into which to use next while still trying to be a bit random.  I think if I were to do it again I would maybe pick less colours or stick to more of a theme because it really does look a bit unmatching and clashy at the moment with so many colours in it.

It's impossible to take a picture of it fully laid out without moving furniture as it's so long, these pictures are it folded into quarters, so it's 4 times as wide as it looks in the photos which is pretty big, I think I might have got a bit carried away with my foundation chain but at least when it's done (which may be some time yet) it will be plenty big!

James was a bit annoyed that I tried to use a crochet hook to show scale, apparently that's his job.

I have also started another blanket, this one is to be a gift for a little girl - ideally to be used in a buggy - so it's much smaller than my giant blanket and in different colours.  I didn't want to go for anything too girly or pink so I chose purple, lilac, cream, turquoise and teal.

I only started it about a week ago and haven't had much time to work on it yet but I'm hoping it'll be ready in time for the birthday deadline in a couple of months time.

I'm pretty pleased with how it's working out so far, I just hope I've made the initial chain long enough and that it doesn't end up the size of a tea towel! :)  It is faster to do rows on though so I'm hoping when I get a bit more time it should work up nice and fast.


  1. I love the random colours of the big one, I also love the colours of the one for the pushchair. It's good to see your glamourous assistant James getting into the pics too!!!

    1. He's impossible to keep out of the pictures! :D