Sunday, 16 June 2013

Barry M Limited Edition Summer Neons

Every so often (usually twice a year once in winter and once in summer) Barry M launch a Limited Edition range of colours which are available in either Boots or Superdrug.  Generally, as is the case this time, the Superdrug polishes are free gifts if you spend a certain amount (over £6) whereas the Boots ones can be bought on their own. 
This summer they have launched 4 neon colours for summer, all of which I picked up.  Superdrug has a light pink and a green (on the left) and Boots has a yellow and a deeper pink (on the right). 
Since I was buying the new Gellys anyway I picked up the Superdrug colours with them and then used my Boots points to grab the other two, guilt free.  The two pinks are similar, but not the same as you can see from the comparison swatch below
Here are some quick dot swatches of the colours along with the new Gelly Hi Shines I posted about yesterday.  The LE neons are in the top row.

These polishes seem quite sheer, as a lot of neons are, so I am thinking about layering them over a white polish to make them not only opaque but hopefully brighter too.  Look out for swatches coming soon.



  1. I love these summer neon! Will look amazing against tanned skin!

    Just tagged you in the Liebster Award!

    Sophy xo

    1. Thank you! I've done one here: but I should really update.