Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Holiday Manicure - Swimsuits!

A bit of a belated posting (I was planning on posting rather more than I did while away but the sunshine and lounging opportunities got the better of me) but this is the manicure I wore for going on holiday last week, I decided to use the same rainbow stamping technique as I had for this manicure but this time give the stamped images a bit of a holiday feel.  Here's how they turned out.

I used plates from the Cheeky Summer collection and chose a swimsuit and bikini design.

The stamping is done with the same selection of Barry M Gellys as before.  I don't think the rainbow effect showed up quite as well as the previous attempt as the pattern on this stamping image was a bit more spaced out which meant you didn't see the colour merges quite as well.

I also decided to add some sun glasses as an accent on one hand.

Not too bad for a heading off on holiday manicure, I thought!

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