Sunday, 30 June 2013

Crochet Beanie Hat

I made a hat!  My first actual, wearable, properly useful crochet item!  Ok, I know the blankets I am working on will probably be fairly useful too but a hat is different, a hat is like clothes!  Which you can out on and wear outside the house!  Can you tell I am fairly excited?
I followed this You Tube Tutorial which was really simple and easy to understand.  I've just recently found BobWilson123 on You Tube and I am really enjoying her (her name isn't really Bob Wilson ;) ) tutorials, they are great for beginners.

And here are my results.  I wasn't without issues during the process, at first I over estimated the sizing by quite a bit and seemed to be crocheting a fruit bowl sized hat.

Which I had to rip back to get to a more manageable size (the fruit bowl is about 21cms across, the smaller size which actually became the hat is 18cms and I did 12 rounds in all).

It definitely requires a bit of playing around to get your size right but as explained in the video your hook size, yarn weight and tension all combine to mean that once you've had a go at making one you should have a fairly good idea of what size you need to be working on to get a nice fitting hat.

Mine was crocheted using Robin Chunky yarn, in a shade called Mole, with a size 7 crochet hook.

For me the added bonus was that I also learned how to crochet in a circle which could come in handy in future, I'm not sure when but you just never know.

And here is the final, finished product, on my very patient model.

This hat is a little shorter than I would normally make them I think but it was a special request and surely the whole point of making things yourself is to be able to tailor them to the wishes of the people who will be wearing them?
Now I'm off to make a second hat with the left over yarn!

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