Saturday, 22 June 2013

Barry M - Gelly Hi-Shine - Mango

I've been so bust lately that I have been spending shamefully little time on my nails, I had originally wanted to use the new Barry M Gellys for stamping manicures but time has totally gotten away from me and instead I found myself reaching for one last night when I just wanted a quite fix. 
This is two coats of Mango, a lovely lush orange shade, to me Tangerine would have been a much better name for this colour. :) 
Like almost all the Gellys it applies beautifully and leaves a lovely glossy shine on your nails.  I still use top coat on mine but you could definitely skip it if you wanted to, and if, unlike me, you can be trusted not to chip your nails immediately without the aid of quick dry top coat

I do still really want to try stamping with these polishes but for now they are perfect for a quick fix solution to a manicure when I'm short of time.

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