Monday, 8 October 2012

Theme Weekend!

This weekend I had a couple of events I wanted to do theme manicures for, my baby brother's 30th (how old does typing that make me feel?!!) and a baby shower.  Due to time constraints neither manicures were quite what I had planned but I think they turned out ok.

Firstly, Saturday night's 30th birthday manicure, my brother is a keen musician and a big lover of Vegas and the casinos, he also likes the odd cocktail, so here's what I did in a nod to his favourite things...

And then for the baby shower on Sunday, I did these nails, which I am pretty pleased with.  It's not exactly what I had planned but I really like how it turned out, I think it's a look which I might do again at some point as I like the sweet, sugary mixed up effect that's been created...

Sorry about the hideous lack of clean up on the baby shower manicure, I had half an hour before going out the door and no time to clean up, thankfully they looked slightly less sloppy in person than they do under the macro lens!


  1. So pretty the heart ones are so cute!

    Jazz x

    1. Thank you! They're a little sloppier than I would have liked but I was in such a rush!