Saturday, 20 October 2012

Models Own Nude Beige & Stamping

This manicure really didn't turn out how I wanted it to, originally I was trying for a nice subtle floral effect for a night out but after I'd finished my nails reminded me more of an episode of Dexter or a murder scene.
The light flowery stamp really didn't take well to being stamped over the nude base and ended up looking more like blood spatter than the delicate ladylike manicure I had imagined!
My stamping technique was also clearly a little off that day too as the only finger which has worked well in my index finger, the rest are not stamped clearly at all which I think adds even more to the murder scene look.
I definitely want to give this stamp another go so hopefully I'll be back soon with a slightly more impressive attempt.  I used a red Sally Hansen Insta Dri to stamp which worked pretty well so if I take nothing else from this manicure at least I now know I have a decent opaque red to stamp with! ;)


  1. Do you know, I really like the effect, it looks kind of arty yet vaguely sinister :D

    (I'm g_k, btw!)

  2. Hello! It is a bit sinister maybe I should redo it for Halloween. ;)

  3. Would be great for Halloween if make it a blood red and smudge it a little!

    Jazz x