Tuesday, 9 October 2012

No7 Star Shower

I was in Boots the other day having a look at the new No7 counter, they've recently re-branded and re-packaged all of their products and changed round the counters, the majority of the products seem to be similar to what was there before but there are a few new products, including this nail polish shade which I picked up, Star Shower.

Star Shower is a strange sort of colour, on first glance it remind me of Urban Decay's Stash eyeliner pencil or a polish which wouldn't look out of place in the Orly Cosmic FX collection of a few years back.  A sort of murky grey, green, gold combination with the addition of bronze coloured flakies and very fine blue glitter particles too. 

All the glitter and flakies give it a sort of duochrome look, changing through grey, gold and brown depending on how the light hits it.  It's a very interesting colour, very shimmery and glittery but still quite subtle.  It's the sort of glitter that's suitable for people who don't really wear glitter. 

Now on to some nail shots, ignore the fact I have had to crop out my index finger, I've had a mauled cuticle incident and nobody needs to see it in it's current state:

These pictures are 3 coats on bare nails but I'd be interested to try it as a top coat over a black or dark blue to see how that changed the look of the polish. 
I bought this polish with a Boots voucher, which gives £3 off any cosmetics purchase.  The nail polishes are now £5.50 so with a voucher the polish cost just £2.50.  More expensive than it used to be when using a £5 off voucher but still a pretty good deal.


  1. I really really like this polish! Will wait till they have the £5 off vouchers!

    Jazz x

    1. It's only £3 off the polish now, but since the price is lower it's still a pretty good deal, especially when they are bringing out shades like this one! x

    2. Ok I passed by this on Saturday and thought uhm and walked on now I must buy it :D Looks great on you!

    3. Thank you! It's really lovely on, lots of different colours and shimmers depending on the light.

  2. Beautiful polish, bet it's lovely in the sunshine x