Saturday, 27 October 2012

Kiko 372

I love this nail varnish, it's by far one of my favourites in my whole collection which is a little weird considering the amount of time I spend buying and lusting after glitter filled, flakies with extra duochrome.  372 is pretty bland but in the most amazing way, it's a pinky taupe kind of colour, best described as putty, to me it's the perfect putty. 
These pictures highlight why you shouldn't take nail photos until after you have moisturised, particularly if you've just used pure acetone to take off your glitter polish from the other day, it does show the colour and application off quite well though.
It's a very lady-like colour and would be suitable to wear pretty much anywhere, very definitely a slightly different take on the perfect nude.

It's hard to photograph in daylight, as it just won't show up properly.

 Aside from loving the colour of this polish the application is a total dream, these pictures show 2 coats, it's totally opaque and even on the nails and really does go on as smoothly as butter.  The polish also has a nice shine when it dries.

Basically I really can't recommend this polish enough, I adore most of the Kiko creams but this one really is a stand out to me in application and colour, if you're going to try one Kiko polish out then make it this one.


  1. Going to make a note of this one, good for stamping over too!

    1. Yup, it#s perfect for stamping over, it's not as stark as white but it's a lovely light neutral canvas for loads of colours to go over.