Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Starry Night Stamping

After yesterdays manicure with Glitz Gal I wanted to do a little bit of stamping, I still have Dashica plates to try out and one of the designs on the plate seemed ideal against the evening sky like background of Glitz Gal. The plate I used was XL SdP 69, I chose the scene with the trees and the moon for accents and the shooting stars / star bursts for the other fingers.

I was hoping that against the Glitz Gal background it would look like a little nighttime woodland scene.  Unfortunately I still have a duff finger and these photos haven't turned out really well but I wanted to share them anyway, in person the 'sky' effect is much prettier and sparklier.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out but I think I might need to put this manicure in the 'ones that looked better in my head' category.
As for the Dashica plates, I remain undecided, when my order initially arrive 2 of the plates didn't stamp well at all, I sent them back and a replacement pair were sent to me, when they arrived they didn't stamp properly either.  By this point Shirley who runs the website has notified people online to a problem with a whole batch of plates which seemed to have affected the ones I bought too so she agreed to send me another replacement set, unfortunately in the end I didn't get my full order until the 16th of October, well over 3 months after I ordered and paid (I ordered near the beginning of July).

In her defence, Shirley was fabulous to deal with; helpful, friendly and very keen to sort out the issues I was having, I was definitely impressed with her customer service and that wouldn't put me off using Dashica again in any way.  However the quality of the plates might.

After all that time the plates would really have had to be stand out to impress me and so far I haven't found that to be the case, they are ok, most images stamp pretty well but some are a bit tricky.  I'm hoping it's just a matter of practice because I love the designs and would like to get lots of use out of them.  I have tried them with a couple of different polishes and stampers and the results have been a little varied, I'll stick at it but they aren't like other brands of plate I own which have stamped wonderfully right away. 

I've seen plenty of example of maniucres done using these plates online and they all look great, so I am hoping with more practice I'll be able to get similar effects from my plates.

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