Monday, 15 October 2012

Models Own - Hayley's Comet over Black

My first instinct when I saw Hayley's Comet, the newest addition to Models Own Beetlejuice Collection, was that it would look great over a darker base colour so rather than try it alone I decided to put it over black and see how that looked, first here's a couple of bottle shots for those who may not have seen it in person yet.

And a little swatch of the polish on it's own, as you can see it's a pinky sort of base chock full of turquoise blue shimmer particles which make it pretty duochrome in the bottle.  The formula is thin, this is not an opaque polish at all, I would guess you'd need a minimum of 3 coats to get good coverage on bare nails.  Unfortunately for me my nails are still so stained that 3 coats probably wouldn't have done it so I decided to go with the black base.
And here are the results (excuse the messy cuticles and splodges on my fingers I wanted to get pictures before the light went completely):
Over a dark base the turquoise and blue tones really show through, this is what you see on your nails the majority of the times.
However at certain angles you can really see the purple colours coming through too.
At other angles it's almost teal.
This polish reminds me quite a bit of Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal the colour shifts are not quite so varied or strong but there are definite similarities and since Turquoise Opal is so hard to track down it's definitely worth picking Hayley's Comet up if you like the look.
I have a feeling this could be a very versatile polish, the look you get over dark colours is totally different to wearing it alone and I already have ideas for other base shades to try it over, over black you lose all the pinky bronze tones so I'd like to try something that picks up on them a bit more too.  Overall another winner from Models Own, I think!

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