Friday, 5 October 2012

Nfu Oh 51

I LOVE this polish, it's so difficult to show just how beautiful it is in pictures (or it is when you have my photography skills!).  It's a glittery, shimmery, flaky filled, duochrome jelly - what's not to love?  The colours in this polish change depending on what you wear it over and range from red, bronze, orange and deep purple through gold, yellow and green. 
Today I have it on over Kiko 244, a deep aubergine cream but it also works beautifully over other dark purples, reds, dark greens, dark blues and black, each giving a slightly different take on the polishes many shades.
Now, on to the polish shots!  As I said I find it impossible to photograph, so to give you some idea I've included a lot of photos.

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