Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New Perfume Bargains from Cheap Smells

I love the Cheap Smells website, they always have really good deals and bargains available and not always on perfume.  Last week it was Tigi haircare at 60% off RRP.  The offers usually change on a weekly basis so it's worth popping past the website every so often to see what they have on offer that week.
The reason for my latest order was a special deal on a Lolita Lempicka flanker Forbidden Flower which I've been wanting to try for a while.  I wear, and love, the original Lolita Lempicka fairly regularly and had been waiting for a good deal on Forbidden Flower so I could try that too.
Along with it I ordered a bottle of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea and Lavender, I had the original Green Tea scent previously and liked it for every day wear.  It's a very fresh, clean, green scent that's ideal for wearing day to day if you don't want too overpowering a scent.  I love lavender scented things so when I saw the price of a huge 100ml bottle I couldn't resist.  I figured, at worst, it could be used as a nice, relaxing room or pillow scent.
As always with Cheap Smells my package arrived super fast, 2 days after ordering, and well packed.

The Green Tea and Lavender was a lovely surprise, it really is just the original Green Tea scent with the addition of Lavender which suits me perfectly, I like the fresh green scent of the original and the lavender has added a hint of floral warmth to it which makes it smell lovely and calming.
It's definitely not a scent for those of you who don't like lavender as it is a fairly strong and obvious addition but for people like me who are not afraid of the more mature, floral scents (otherwise known as something your gran might like ;) ) then this is definitely a winning addition.
Before even trying Forbidden Flower I was a little bit in love with the bottle; it's a pale golden yellow version of the usual apple design. The scent itself is very similar to the original with a bit more of a flowery, lighter opening.
It still dries down to the same liquorice tinged, soft powdery musk scent as the original although not quite as strong.  I wouldn't buy another bottle when this one runs out as it's so similar to the original, which I love, without actually being any better, it's still very wearable though and means I can save what's left of my purple apple for nights out.
So, overall, for committing the cardinal sin of buying perfume untried online this order worked out pretty well; two nice, new scents at a bargain price.
If you're looking to add to your fragrance collection definitely check out Cheap Smells, they always have a great range of fragrances at reduced prices and I can't fault their customer service after almost a dozen orders, if you sign up for their newsletter they will update you with their weekly deals which are often great for grabbing a bargain - and no, they aren't paying me, I just think it's worth passing on details of companies who offer good prices, fast delivery and the option to treat yourself more often.

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