Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Kiko Rainbow!

After being reunited with my little army of beauties I bought in May, and adding a few more to my collection with another quick stop in the local Kiko store, I was rather spoilt for choice as to what I should put on my nails while I was away. 

So it seemed like the perfect time to do some rainbow skittles and try out 10 polishes all at the same time.  As always Kiko didn't disappoint, 9 creams and one shimmery finish which all applied beautifully, looked great and lasted well too.  Here are some photos...

Two of my favourite things; Kiko polishes and a large Spanish G&T.

It's was so nice to not only have a proper camera on hand all the time but also to have great lighting, it made such a difference for taking photos.  Although the colours in this manicure still managed to look different under different lighting conditions!
Here's a quick rundown of what colours I used in case you've spotted any you want to add to your collection:
Left hand:
Thumb - 360
Index - 355
Middle - 356
Ring - 357
Pinkie - 362
Right hand:
Thumb - 251
Index - 291
Middle - 386
Ring - 385
Pinkie - 391
I really loved the way this turned out, it was so bright and colourful and perfect for wearing while on holiday, it also means I have slightly fewer untried polishes to get through, although now there are several that I really want to do a full manicure with so I can see them in all their glory!


  1. Great colours! I love the pinks :-)

  2. Love Kiko polishes. They are so beautiful

  3. I love these and I love kiko's too :D

  4. I love this rainbow - inspiration for my holiday next month! I get bored of same colour after a couple of days!

  5. Looks fab! Personally I would've gone for a margarita though.