Tuesday, 25 September 2012

More Double Stamping

I really loved this look when I did it before so I thought I'd try a similar look again but with slightly different colours.
I started off with Kiko 381 as a base, a gorgeous slate grey cream.
Then I added some stamping with Barry M Chameleon pink (words cannot describe how well this polish stamps) and Cheeky plate 50:
As a quick aside, I had been cleaning up my stamping mess with acetone and a brush but I found that often the colour bled around my cuticle or stained my skin slightly and ended up looking a little imperfect so this time I decided to try another way to remove the excess polish.
Once my nails were dry I simply massages Body Shop Hemp Moisture High Balm (Lush Lemon Flutter Cuticle Butter works just as well) into my cuticles and fingertips while I watched TV, the oil in the balm helped to lift all the excess polish right off my nails and leave them looking perfect.  It took a while but it's not something that takes much concentration so I was quite happy to spend 20 minutes while watching TV doing it, with the added bonus you have beautifully well moisturised hands afterwards (excuse the rouge cat hair).
Here are a couple of the initial stamp in daylight, I loved this stamp alone and I'll definitely be using it again soon, it stamps beautifully, especially considering how intricate the design is.
Then I used Cheeky plate 15 to add a little bow, in Barry M Gold Foil, over the top:
And here's how it turned out:

Look out for my other exciting stamping related find this week, very successful stamping with the new Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polishes. More awesome stamping suitable polishes from the lovely Barry M!


  1. Replies
    1. How did you get the colour not to change on the chameleon polish?

    2. The honest answer is, I'm not sure! :D For some reason it doesn't change when I stamp with it, I think it may be something to do with it drying out fully on the stamper before it goes onto the nail? I really don't know though, it just doesn't, which I am glad of as I like the bottle colour much better than the changed colour.

  2. Looks fab, going to have to pop into body shop and find that cream!

    1. Hope you find some, I have a funny feeling they might have discontinued it, the LUSH one works just as well though and is definitely still available.

  3. I absolutelty love this mani. I think I better get the Barry M Chameleon pink just for stamping!

    1. That's all I use it for, it stamps so well!

  4. Replies
    1. 50, I just can't read the plate properly! :D