Sunday, 23 September 2012

My latest Kiko Haul!

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that every time I go to see my parents in Spain I pay a little visit to the nearest Kiko shop to stock up.
This time I was rather restrained and only bought a few polishes on my visit.  Partly as I was trying to be good and partly because I seem to own most of Kiko's selection by now due to my bad habits. :)
Here's what I picked up this time:
The last time I was in Spain I went a bit wild, they new summer colours for 2012 were just out so I grabbed quite a few of them as they were also reduced in price in store, unfortunately I went so wild that I couldn't bring all of my goodies home with me, so I had quite a stash to bring home this time.
Along with my purchases from this visit and last visit I also added 3 of the new Lavish Oriental Holographic polishes (which I've swatched two of here and here) to my collection, so all in there was quite an army to bring back with me.
I've included a picture with their numbers on too, so it's easy to identify them. 
Look out for lots of Kiko colours in the next few weeks as I try and work my way through all my new beauties!  You can see my first attempt to try some of them out doing a Rainbow Manicure here.


  1. Atm kiko polishes are only a £1.90 o their uk website -
    very tempting indeed! i might place an order tonight :))

    and a question? do you know what topcoat is good to use on top of the holographic polishes? I got the dark grey (400) and used Sally Hansen's Nail shine miracle on top but i am afraid it took away soem of the holographic-ness :( any tips?

    1. You definitely should, £1.90 is such good value to try some out!

      I've found the Kiko holos are ok with topcoat, unlike a lot of others. I used both Kiko gel look top coat and Boots No7 and they were both fine. The best thing to do, I find, is to apply the polish as normal, apply your topcoat and then once it's dry apply a final layer of holo over the top coat. That way you get the protection of the topcoat on your main manicure but an added layer of undiluted holo goodness over the top too.