Friday, 21 September 2012

Cheeky Plates!

One of the parcels which was waiting for me when I got back from my holiday was from Cheeky!  I have been waiting for it to arrive for what felt like forever so I was delighted to finally get my grubby paws on my order.  Quick drive by photo of the goodies...
As I said here, I ordered the new summer set and the 2012 set too, so I received a total of 52 new plates!  I can't wait to start trying them out.  I'll do a proper in depth review in the fullness of time but I have high hopes for these plates because well as featuring loads of fantastic designs the new summer set is also much larger than the older set so should cover even the largest of my nails in the full design.
As well as being larger the new summer set came in a very cute little box with lots of added information printed on it.
I can't wait to start trying these out so expect lots of stamping manicure coming your way very soon as well as that comparison post showing in more detail the larger size of the new designs.

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