Monday, 24 September 2012

Holiday Nails.

This is a bit of late, catch up post as it should really have been posted just as I jetted off to Spain but it wasn't.
In my head, before I went away, I had all kinds of grand ideas about doing a really fancy, themed manicure for heading off on holiday.  As it turned out this was not to be, partly because my Cheeky plates didn't turn up in time but mostly because I ended up, as usual, running about mad in the lead up to my break and didn't have the time.
So, here is my nod at holiday nails, far less grand and far more garish than I had imagined but quite summery all the same.
I started with a base coat of Kiko yellow cream and added a coat of Sally Hansen Hue to give it some sparkle.

Then I used Barry M Denim to stamp over the top. The majority of the images are fom Dashica plates with the flip flops coming from the most recent Bundle Monster collection.

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