Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Body Shop Bargains

I was recently alerted to the clearance section of the Body Shop website and was delighted to find they had a whole selection of last years Christmas scents still available and massively reduced prices.  I already own the Candied Ginger body butter and I absolutely love the scent so when I discovered there was also a body scrub and shower gel I knew I had to place an order.

I don't find the Candied Ginger scent particularly seasonal, it's lovely and fresh and really does smell just like fresh root ginger - not synthetic at all, it's slightly sweeter than ginger on it's own which is obviously the candied element coming through but the main it you get it just lovely fresh gingery goodness which is ideal if like me you love the scent of ginger when you use it in cooking.  Although it was released as one of their Christmas scents it's a fragrance I am happy to wear all year round.

The added bonus is the price, items start from as little as £2!  So, if you love ginger and fancy treating yourself I highly recommend popping over and grabbing yourself a bargain.

I then undid all my great bargain hunting work by also buying the new Chocomania body butter at full price which pushed the order cost up just a little, it smells divine though, really like proper chocolate and again not at all synthetic.

I can't wait to try it out, it's arrived at just the right time as my skin is rather dry after my holiday in Spain and I need something to keep my, very minimal, rather rubbish, tan in good order for the next little while.

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